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Drafting and negotiating contracts is a core discipline of legal advice. In the energy sector this is often a matter of designing contractual regulations specifically for new business concepts and developing new market standards. We carry out the contract design and negotiation inter alia in the following areas:

We advise clients on the following topics

• Contracts on the delivery of gas and electricity: drafting and review of contracts, developing standard contracts including general terms and conditions.

• Contracts on the delivery of renewable energy, for example of the following types: biomethane suitable for generating electricity entitled to EEG-remuneration, raw biogas, biofuel, biofuel quota (both trading and transfer of the quota), biomethane for the heating sector and as additional product delivered to end-consumers as well as green electricity.

• Energy contracting: contracts on the delivery of heat, contracts on the implementation of operator models for decentralized energy generation.

• Contracts on balancing group management in the gas and electricity sector and contracts on the management of energy portfolios.

• Contracts on the delivery and service of power plants and other technical systems (e.g. biogas plants and wind turbines).

• Contracts for the acquisition of commercial entities (share deals or asset deals) in the sector of renewable energies (including due diligence assessments).

• Concession contracts (district and local heating, electricity and gas grid).

• Cross-border trading of renewable energies (including verification management in the international context)

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