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JUVE: AssmannPeiffer awarded as Law Firm of the Year 2022 for Energy Law.



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AssmannPeiffer advises companies throughout Germany on energy law issues, in particular energy suppliers, municipal utilities, network operators, municipalities and energy-intensive companies.

As a "boutique law firm", we at AssmannPeiffer are an experienced team of highly specialized lawyers for energy law.

In addition to issues of classical energy law such as regulatory proceedings or the awarding of concessions according to the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), we are primarily concerned with the law of renewable energies (EEG, biofuels according to BImSchG or KWKG).

In addition, private law issues from energy contract law and energy contracting, i.e. energy contracting, i.e. the drafting and negotiation of energy supply contracts including legal representation and enforcement.

We focus on the legal implementation of new business ideas in the energy sector and new
energy concepts such as power-to-X, virtual power plants and tenant power.