Thomas Schabel’s focus lies on public procurement law, an area of law in which Schabel has been advising throughout all economic branches since it was introduced by the European Commission in 1998. Most intensely, Schabel advised on the awarding of construction and planning contracts, hospital care products and waste disposal. Approximately one third of his clients were bidders, the remaining two thirds contracting authorities. At AssmannPeiffer, Schabel focuses on the numerous connections public procurement law shares with energy law, such as the awarding of grid concessions, energy procurement for contracting authorities and calls for tenders pursuant to the German Renewable Energies Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG).


Thomas Schabel has published various articles and worked on commentaries and reference books in German (for a selection please refer to the site’s German version).


Ongoing seminar activities in the following fora:

  • House of Technology (Haus der Technik)
  • VHW
  • Bavarian School of Administration
  • Inhouse seminars


2000 - 2017: Spokesman of the Bavarian regional group of the Forum Vergabe e.V. (together with Prof. Dr. Martin Burgi and attorney Uwe-Carsten Völlink)

From its foundation until 2013: Chairman of the occupational group building and architectural law of the Munich Bar Association.n

“The Energy Law is constantly evolving. The biggest challenge in the coming years will be the European harmonization and the fight against oligopolies.”

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